Q: Lint Remover, does this work for pet hair or car carpet?
A: For car carpet i don't think so, because its too sharp. It work for pet hair on couch or pillow, if they are smoother. You may find our Pet Hair Remover product more suitable for pet hair.
Q: how long does it take for this product to reach ?
A: It usually takes 2-4 weeks.
Q: Does Pet Car Seat Cover fits any car ?
A: Is so large adjustment range, that definitely can fit for most car available in the market. Installation is very simple.
Q: How to wash Pet Car Seat Cover ?
A: Normal machine washable.
Q: What is the difference between these brushes? the cat can be cleaned with them?
A: Brush Roller is not to use on pets directly, but for the sofa/bed or carpet. Lint Remover, you can remove any type of lint/fur from your cloths/jackets etc.